What to Do When You Have Zero Motivation

What to Do When You Have Zero Motivation - aliyamuch.com

Sometimes maybe you feel dead motivation. When you wake up in the morning you suddenly feel tired even you have slept eight hours.

Motivation like disappeares with the night windy.

So here my how-to-get motivation in my day by making zero motivation becomes special thing.

1. Action instead of motivation

In usual motivation brings action. We tend to use motivation for doing something which needs to be done. Or for doing our regular duty on daily basis.

But, if you dont get motivation to doing what in your to-do-list so you should do the opposite.

Trying to use action as a lead for getting motivation. Whatever action you do, even that action is not equal with your must do to-do-list in that time, you just start action randomly for boosting your motivation.

2. Make smaller tasks

When we start put goals, for sure we have big goals that often make us feel overwhelmed, right?

We don't have any idea how to get done all of them. Then at the end we just do daydream on bed or see trees through window or just drink tea while sitting in the kitchen. We do nothing.

So what we have to do is break it down become smaller tasks so you can do it with less pressure and it will make your motivation arises.

3. Remember your WHY

It is important to have goals in our life. But sometimes in the way to manifest them we often feel blank or forget about our purpose to make them real.

Always remember and say outloud that your WHY are so meaningful for you and the universe.

Remember ... why you must do your goals? Why you must reach that goals? Why you must stick on that goals? Why...?


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